What if a counter proof makes any proof an illusion? - Book presentation

Antje Guenther

When? 16.12.2016 19:00

Book Presentation
The artist in conversation with curator Marijana Schneider
December 16th, 19:00

The photography book by the artist Antje Guenther explores how aesthetic impulses and the desire to prove continue to influence the development of theories and hypotheses. In conversation with the curator and art historian Marijana Schneider, Guenther will discuss her work’s context and the book’s realisation. The publication includes an accompanying text, ‘AMALGAM’, by the writer, translator, and visual artist Miek Zwamborn.

Guenther’s publication combines her urban photography of Barcelona, Glasgow, and Osaka with reproductions of Wilson Bentley’s photographs of snow crystals. Bentley was one of the first photographers of snow Crystals to observe their uniqueness. Text fragments regarding questions about beauty in science, Bentley’s body of ideas, and supersymmetry – a still popular set of theories in particle physics – are interspersed throughout the book with what at first appear to be unrelated pictures. Instead of approaching photography as a medium historically used (and abused) to elicit evidence, Guenther employs it as a means to provoke questions about photography’s status.


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