Wavering Worlds #7

Christian Konrad Schröder

When? 06.09.2016 19:30
Where? bb15

The series provides a platform for local and international artists/musicians, who oscillate between various musical and artistic genres. Within the framework of Wavering Worlds, multiple forms of multi-media performances and concerts are presented.

Christian Konrad Schröder - ƒ = 2.ls.π / n

Boring numbers from a hole in the computer spread out to fill the gaps in-between the loudspeakers with numerological mysticism, arbitrary mantras and glissandos from hell. The infinite regress is ever-expanding and forms digital spaces filled with drones of spoken numbers and intervalic proportions of fake stringed instruments ascending linearly towards collapse and decay - CPU overload and the starting point for improvisation.


September 6th, 19:30h



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Wavering Worlds #7 Christian Konrad Schröder

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