The Amateur Naturalist

Uku Sepsivart

When? 03.09.2019 19:30 - 10.09.2019

Exhibition Opening
September 3rd 2019, 7:30pm

As I live in a city I sometimes crave to live within a naturally wild environment. I wonder if it is some kind of nature romanticism typical to city dwellers? When I have stayed in the countryside for longer periods I have found that natural processes can feel quite hostile and that my instincts for survival awaken. I have tried to keep making artworks in a way that does not oppose nature so that the artwork will be completed by creating conditions for nature to take its course. Working like this, my artistic life can be described as something like a symbiosis between my being a collector of natural items, a witness to natural processes and becoming an animal myself.

Uku Sepsivart


Opening Hours
September 4th – 10th, 3 – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday close.
Also open by appointment.

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