Sculptural Investigation Using Bouncy Balls

Sam Bunn

When? 05.06.2012 19:00
Where? bb15

Looking for a way to strip down his practice to a simple focal point Sam Bunn stumbled upon a bouncy ball and thought that he had found the answer. Sculptural Investigation Using Bouncy Balls is an ongoing project by Sam Bunn, investigating space using bouncy balls and bouncy balls using space. This work explores containment in open and closed systems and includes several interconnected forays into interaction, all revolving around bouncy balls. These interactions often involve putting the viewer into that strange, skew-kneed position one adopts when unsure which way to move - t he bouncy ball being caught up in a complicated spin and moving too erratically to catch easily.
For the exhibition at bb15, Bunn used the bouncy ball format to investigate the different meta levels within which a work can be staged. The exhibition space was divided into several different viewing zones: an active play space, a workshop area including sketches and documentation of past works, and a future space. The work was further documented through a 'making of' video and a talk-over guided tour.


Sam Bunn was artist in residence at Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz from October to November 2011

Exhibition opening
Tuesday, 5th of june, 19:00

Opening hours
06th - 9th of June, 16:00 - 18:00 



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