Cinéma Maison S01 E01

Jennifer Mattes / Luzie Meyer / Christoph Schwarz

When? 25.06.2019 19:30
Where? bb15

Video Screening
Tuesday, June 25th, 2019, 7:30 pm

bb15 introduces the first episode of its new screening series "Cinéma Maison", which will feature two short films by Jennifer Mattes and Christoph Schwarz, interspersed with sound pieces by Luzie Meyer.

Despite the different nature of the works, the artists use techniques of self-representation and doubling of the self. By placing their own persona as a fictional character, they are creating an ambiguous closeness with reality. The narrative voice-overs, made by the artists themselves, stand on their own as a central part of the works constructing non-linear sequences and multiple climaxes. Role playing is cynically reflecting upon ones identity, as an author, as a construct or as a doppelgänger. Trying to withdraw from the mundane existence and its contradictions, the artists use their own voice to reflect upon broader political issues.

Program (starts at 8 pm sharp!)
Luzie Meyer, Too Often, 2018, audio, 2 min
Jennifer Mattes, Wreckage takes a holiday, 2018, video, 29 min
Luzie Meyer, Mouthpiece, 2019, audio, 8 min
Christoph Schwarz, CSL, 2018, video, 35 min


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Cinéma Maison S01 E01 Jennifer Mattes / Luzie Meyer / Christoph Schwarz

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