A Brief Introduction to Turbulence

Francesco Fonassi

When? 19.11.2013 19:30 - 26.11.2013 18:00
Where? bb15

In this work Francesco Fonassi creates opportunities to test out the dynamics of sound reception and the mechanisms of aural perception. Fonassi has chosen the universe of sound for its lucidly suicidal nature, the sense of loss and removal embedded in its very essence and its intrusive propagation, clarity and incorrigibility. The phenomena of echo, resonance, reverberation and filtering each resemble and activate relational issues, dynamics of resistance and reciprocal neutralisation.

curated by: Clemens Mairhofer, Lucas Norer, Sebastian Six 


Exhibition Opening
Tuesday, November 19th, 7:30 pm

Opening Hours
November 20th - 26th, 3-6 pm
Sa/Su, closed




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A Brief Introduction to Turbulence Francesco Fonassi

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